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New Camaro ZL1 Convertible, A Nissan Toyota 86 Rival?, No Subaru Mid-Engine – Fast Lane Daily

Erica Lourd

Back in the FLD studio at The Drive and will Nissan make a Toyota 86 fighter?! Don’t count on it. Subaru President squashes rumors like a bug, and if you wanted to know what Batman’s Batcave looks like, well we have you covered. Plus, another Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 shows up at the NY Auto Show, but without a roof, and it’s Tuesday so you know someone is Doing It Wrong! Also, Mike Guy, The Drive’s Editor In Chief sits down with Derek D to talk about the saga of that Ferrari Enzo that crashed on the PCH back in 2006 and it’s an insane story! That and more all today right here on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

The Drive EXCLUSIVE: Weird Wild Saga of Gizmondo Part 1:

Bat Cave Google Street view:

NY Auto Show Day 1:

NY Auto Show Day 2:

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