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Mercedes-AMG GT-R, Chevy Camaro Warranty, Lincoln Continental Demand, Audi Q2 RS – Fast Lane Daily

Erica Lourd

If you take your new Chevy Camaro V8 (production version) to the track and something goes wrong, they’ll honor your warranty! Rumors are flowing about an Audi Q2 RS performance version, and the demand is very strong for the Lincoln Continental, but something tells us that McConaLincoln might have something to say about that. Plus, the new Mercedes-AMG GT-R will be fast, like really fast. Also, it’s Tuesday so someone will definitely be Doing It Wrong, and Staff Writer Will Sabel Courtney will pop on the show to talk about an article on That and more all today right here on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

Doing It Wrong video:

The Drive: Mister Softees article:
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NY Auto Show Day 3:

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